Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tempe Town Lake: "Aqua es la Sangre de la Tierra"

The Light Rail Bridge Spanning Tempe Town Lake is Illuminated
by the Setting Sun

I've lived in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area for over half a year now, so it's a bit surprising that my first visit to the Tempe Town Lake was as recent as today.

After braving rush hour traffic in order to get to the park, the lake was a welcome oasis of tranquility. It's obvious the park is beloved by the joggers, walkers, inline skaters, and kayakers that frequent it.

While at the lake, I took some time to watch low-flying white egrets skim the water's surface and to read the engravings that are etched in the wall that runs the length of the lake. Most of the quotations (such as "Water is the blood of our land" or Water is the salve of our ravages" highlight the importance of water in this arid region.

Tempe Town Lake is situated in the once dry riverbed of the Salt River, or the Rio Salado. The lake was created using a series of inflatable dams. The dams can be lowered quickly in the event of heavy rain. Construction of the lake concluded in 1999.

Tempe Town Lake by Night

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Pat said...

I remember when it was just another dry river bed. It's so much nicer now. I run along the lake, but I can never really get to read the engravings. Nice blog. Thanks